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The crossing of erotic with domestic, my work conceptually and visually intimates.

The ideas I express in  my work stem from my curiosity of how, throughout history, the carnal act of human sexual reproduction informs or is informed by biology, psychology, philosophy, sociology, and theology. The emotional residue left within a woman from this playful war of information is what I am striving to convey in a “finished” piece.

I hope to place an emotional emphasis on the realization that the promising expectation of life, emanating from a young girl’s eyes can conflict so greatly with the reality of her somewhat forced domesticity, leaving her with feelings of anger, disappointment,  guilt, hopelessness, and a sense that  her true self, her true potential, is lost.  I consequently create remedies for the despairing emotion, making works that exemplify that which help mend amidst times of internal turmoil.

Materials and process, each equally important and thoughtfully chosen, are crucial for the emotional association to a piece. With the intention of using fertile land and the land’s elements tied so closely to the woman, I choose natural materials such as pig gut, hair, dirt, wool fibers, silk fabrics, wood, steel, and bees. I employ my fondness of sewing and traditional needlework techniques alongside other various processes such as woodworking, printing, steel fabrication, various photo processes, carding and spinning of wool. 

My uncontrollable desire for experimentation and playfulness allow me to work with materials and techniques past the traditional and predictable, penetrating the pieces with a little humor to underlie the tension and conflict, allowing hope to slip in.

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